Saturday, January 05, 2008

A usual conversation between TNNNG and TGWTT

Yours truly tnnng (the no-(no non-sense) guy) and his very dear friend tgwtt (the guy who typed this) are, and everyone who knows both of us is bound to agree, two of the craziest people in this crazy town(?). Over time, we have completely lost our ability to have a sane conversation. And when we chat 4 hours before an examination which is bound to screw us both, things really start to get weird. Here is a piece of our chat, just hours before the last exam in the end semesters of our 5th sem.

Note: tgwtt is quite well versed with french, while all i know about is the eiffel tower (which is not called that by the french anyway, Prabhu tells me)

tnnng: yaad mat dila
how screwed up chats have we had
tgwtt: :| u asking ME?!
10:33 AM tnnng: i forgot the exclamation marks
tgwtt: oh..
tnnng: how screwed up chats we have had!!!
tgwtt: anwyay.. i think i should shut down compu for 3 hrs now..
tnnng: i cant
have to read up on html
tgwtt: last 3 hrs...going by the fact that i have wasted tooo much time!
tnnng: because you guys turned out to be dhokhebaaz
tgwtt: stud da
10:34 AM tnnng: you were supposed to teach me
tgwtt: :|
10:35 AMtnnng: tries to remind tgwtt of his duties
tgwtt: no duties, i don't want these!! how about gals?
10:36 AM tnnng: reminds tgwtt of his geographical location and the sex ratio therein
tgwtt: dont remind me of the sex ratio
according to statistics, midnapore has the highest in bengal
10:37 AM tnnng: quotes some unknown bastard and says, "Facts don't cease to exist even if they are ignored"
10:38 AM tgwtt: quotes himself, since he isn't as well read as tnnng, " throw facts out of the window if they dont pertain to reality"
10:39 AM tnnng: shows an unusually straight middle finger and despises tgwtt for indirectly making fun of tnnng
also reminds him that according to his school teacher's lingo, you throw the window out of the facts and not the the other way round
10:40 AM tgwtt: is perplexed as usual... but realises that linux users follow tnnng's school teacher's philosophy (this is supposed to be a pj on the whole linux versus windows thingy).
10:41 AM tnnng: feigns ignorance about linux or for that matter any OS, and thereby claims that tgwtt is a ishtud... also asks about the whereabouts of bhabhi.
10:42 AM tgwtt: realises that tnnng is being a bigger saidist than himself and feels threatened... decides to end the discussion and curl up in a corner
10:43 AM tnnng: comes to a realisation that he is about to flunk today's exam, hence implores tgwtt in the name of god to stop this healthy discussion regarding out joblessness and pitiable condition.
also suggests a serving or two of mushroom chicken for dinner.
10:44 AM tnnng: is thinking about flunking the exam and saying, "man can i pass now!!!"
10:45 AM tgwtt: figuratively smacks tnnng in the noggin
tnnng: the answer is no
tnnng: bids adieu
tgwtt: bids adieu +1
tnnng: wishes good luck and good riddance for the exam
10:46 AM tgwtt: tries to act sophisticated by saying 'toi aussi' (you too)
10:47 AM tnnng: is once again hurt for being reminded of his ignorance... slowly and painfully mutters eiffel tower , curls up in a corner and weeps silently.
10:48 AM tgwtt: literally smacks tnnng's eiffel tower and says, g'day
10:49 AM tnnng: still weeping, wishes tgwtt back just for the sake of courtesy
10:50 AM tgwtt: the cold bastard that he is, decides that he shalt not weep, and wishes tnnng all the best
tgwtt: says final good bye before 1400 hrs
tnnng: reminds tgwtt that he has to remind tnnng about his icard
10:51 AM but he remembers so no need, over and out
so no need***
tgwtt: utters an incoherent expleteive to the effect of 'holy fuck!'
tgwtt apologises for frgetting to keep a reminder...
10:52 AM tnnng: over and out

Sorry for sharing my weird life with you and your welcome if anyone who was intending to commit suicide decides to live realizing that there are people with sadder lives than self. We take no responsibility of anyone who loses his mental stablity after reading this, though. Interested readers may ask for more such chats. The ones who come to like this chat are advised to see a shrink.