Thursday, April 10, 2008

C Ground East: My Beloved BHING ... continued

BEST READ IN INTERNET EXPLORER (due to the transliterated section)

C 138: Akash Agarwal

Popular Nicknames: Halu

Quotable Quotes:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (That’s what it sounds like. What it actually is, is YAWWWWNNNN)

Before you start reading, I want you all to notice the pics of an artiste's impression of Akash's present and future.

A very sweet, affable and highly animated person- His facial expressions for the mildest conditions can put Rajnikanth to shame. He is also a tech God and a highly dedicated and sentimentally attached robotix head. Above all he is a very nice and caring friend.

And you know what I like the best about him? He is a verzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz snores snores grunt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(alright… let me explain what happened here. I was thinking what to write about him… and I tried to put myself into his shoes to understand what I must write. As soon as I got into Akash mode, the inevitable happened. I slept. My wingies shall understand)
zzzzzzzzzzz kharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

(Help me here people. When he sleeps, I usually rely on a swift kick on his butt to wake him up. Now how the hell do I kick my own butt? Anatomically impossible. Please wake me up people…)

C 137: Deepak Abraham Cherian

Popular Nickname: DC

Quotable quotes:

Awekassam Baap!!!

Abey what does ______ (any hindi word worth its salt) mean?

It means _______ (any English word which is not what the corresponsing hindi word means) na???

(Back when he had a goatee and long hair as shown in the pic) I look like an out of job pimp. (Notice the difference before and after the transition in the pics)

दीपक चेरियन इस wing का एक अत्यन्त ही प्रतिभाशाली (talented) और प्रिय (dear) नमूना (sample) है. संगीत (music) के मामले में इसकी गिनती अत्यन्त (extremely) ही गुणी (virtuoso) वादकों (players) में की जाती है. यह जब अंग्रेजी बोलना या लिखना आरंभ (start) करता है तो ऐसा लगता है मानो शब्दकोष (dictionary) चबा कर के जुगाली (ruminate) कर रहा हो. यह हमारे साथ रहना आया था तब हिन्दी भाषा में इसकी जानकारी नगण्य (negligible) थी परन्तु अब एक अद्भुत (amazing) प्रेरणा (inspiration) के चलते यह बालक हिन्दी में ही बोलता, सुनता, खाता-पीता और चलता है. हिन्दी संगीत भी सुनता है, हिन्दी चल-चित्र (movies) देखता है। एक दिन उडी में आ के बेचारा गीतांजलि पढने भी बैठा था. 4 lines में ही यह समझ गया की अभी ऐसे दिन नहीं आए हैं. इसके प्रयास के चलते मैंने सोचा कि इसके लिए मैं भी हिन्दी में ही लिखूँ.

If there does exist a balance in nature and the universe, some Pandit Trivedi's son named Dinanath Hariprasad Eknath Sadashiv Onkar Trivedi (fictitious) in Haridwar is singing on the banks of river Ganga listening to Megadeth, reading Ayn Rand while everyone else around him is trying to figure out what went wrong.

P।S. Beware of him, he is the one who used to oil his beard, christened it (him, he objects strongly) Johnny and used to talk to it (him).

C 136: Pratik Mehta

Popular Nicknames: Dadi, Mehta

Quotable quotes:

Abey eastern Groups mein kat gaya!!! (after eastern groups)

Abey Drams mein kat gaya. (after the result)

Abey apna kat gaya. (after the elections)

Abey phir kat gaya!!! (After western groups)

Kitna Katega??? (During GC)

Ab nahin kat sakta. Muhahahaha!!! (After the end of GC)

Saala lagta hai history mein apne hall ke sabse kam points mere hi tenure mein aaye hain.

Pre-text : I could not think of any pic for him. So here is a pic of an anime dadi (manipuri bhi ho sakti hai).

Meet Pratik Mehta. The Gsec Soc-&-Cult (Akhandal suggested otherwise) of our batch. Others have a fatherly figure in their lives, but our wing is blessed with a grandmotherly figure. He is the GAWD of eating out… Kahin ke liye bhi company chahiye,dadi se puuchho. A very helping and caring person. Koi bhi beemaar ho, BC Roy yehi le ke jaata hai. He is also a sucker for animes. I don't think he even checks if it is actually anime. If he sees that kind of animation, characters and languages, he downloads and watches the series without even thinking twice. I sometimes feel that if he does some research on what he has watched, he will find out that half of what he saw were term assignments of Manipur and Sikkim based animation institutes.

He is also a person whose musical prowess is out of question. He displayed his awesome talent and sense of music (hehehehe) when he sang a legendary Nirvana song in the fresher’s event. Seniors understood that he can do anything (huihuihui) when It comes to music. The hall needed a drummer that time, so he started learning drums. Very soon he started playing faster than the one who taught him. Recently he played for Dream Theater in the absence of Mike Portnoy. Hahahahaha.

He started learning, and then stopped practicing. If he doesn’t start again soon enough, I am gonna kick his ass. Period.

C 136: Anikh ‘Ban Kar duunga’ Thakur

Popular nicknames: Thakur

Quotable quotes:

You have been kicked out.

Mujhe chhote kutton se dar lagta hai. Lagta hai jhool jaayenge apne daaton ke sahaare.

Dhachad Dhachad Dhachad. (I shudder to remember the reference)

Tapas, main Daruu maar liya huun. Ab main bakwaas karuunga. Tu baad mein meri lena nahin in sab baaton pe.

The remaining ones are not suitable to be shared on a public website which might be read by under-aged kids and adventurous eager perverts.

Now here is a character with some character. “Aadmi ki zubaan patthar pe lakeer hoti hai” is one proverb which he takes very seriously in life. Even if he has said something rubbish, he will defend it at any cost. An extremely headstrong, well read and outspoken guy, he makes it pretty difficult for any stranger to like him. But once you get close enough to him, you will discover what an awesome person he is.

I have always said that if the choice in hand is being on his side or being on the other side, then I am thankful to god for being his friend.

One more thing… he is an extremely fun-loving and food loving person. And handsome too… I tried to make him realize this a lot, but then came his views about girls and relationships. And I understood that he is better off with us.

Keep checking this space for more updates… 8 down, 9 to go.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

C Ground East: My Beloved BHING

COLGATE: I owe this one to you.

And people: well, here is your chance to know this wing (why someone would want something like that is still something to wonder, though) and the resident evil, toilet to toilet (end to end).

C 142: Mayank Bhagat

Popular nicknames: Maggu, Lucky (ye waala sirf naam hi hai)

Quotable Quotes:

Abey main psych ho raha huun!!!

Our beloved Maggu… weighs a few ounces and most of that mass is comprised by his brain (And also by his teeth and hair). He is the kind of person who needs clothes not only to cover his body but also to keep him on the ground in the presence of a strong breeze. Though he spends most of his time cooped up in his room with his P.C., books, books and more books, he too has his bright moments (You don’t believe me? Whole of COLGATE remembers his Saawariya movie review.). He also gets very nervous and tensed whenever someone tells him about him long impending stay in Delhi and/or Chandigarh.

Although he dives into his sea of books like a squirrel with a nut at the slightest possible provocation, the whole wing admires him for his hard work and the sheer audacity with which he endures Rao and his songs day in and day out.

P.S. Ishwar iski aur Avi ki Jodi salaamat rakhe.

C 141: R. Abhishek Rao

Popular nicknames: Rao, Shekhu, Rahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Quotable quotes:

Peeeeeeeaaaaaaace hai beyyyyyyyyy…….

Rao. Calling his name out loud thrice can make even insomniacs sleep- such is the laid back air that this guy manages to bring in with him. He is one of those unlucky superbrains who do not give a heck about it. In fact, there is only one thing/person who is capable of bringing those wrinkles on his forehead, and she doesn’t leave any opportunity to do so. God bless her!!!

The wing is also divided over his musical prowess. Though he is no professional, but there are people like me who think that he is India’s answer to Kurt Cobain. Due to his unwillingness to move his butt, he is the butt of many jokes in the wing, but he is an awesome person in general and a great company.

Also notice that his initials are R.A.R. which makes a rao fart a RARified gas.

C 140: Nishad Kenkre

Popular nicknames: Nish, Kenkre, Stud, Bachcha, Dhokhebaaz, Gaddar (and all the synonyms)

Quotable quotes:

Abey phone mein balance hai kya? (earlier)

Main tikka ja raha huun. (now)

Kuchh Godgiri hai be!!! (always)

Tu sahi bola tha Tapas! (Universal truth)

Meet Mr. Nishad Vishwas Kenkre (or Kenkre Nishad Vishwas, or as per his NCC badge, Nishad Kenicre). This guy is good in academics, an awesome vocalist, a dedicated Kshitij head, a Gymkhana VP candidate (sigh!!!), an athlete, a good communicator…. And what not!!!

He used to be the stud mascot in the wing (“Tu to absolute stud hai bhai, tere saamne main 0.1stud bhi nahin huun.” : Rahul Jaimini to Nishad). Everything was going fine, until one day he developed a liking for sweet tea. The liking turned into an addiction, and soon enough tea was the only thing that occupied his mind. Our wing finally lost a great person and friend to tea. We miss you very much, Kenkre da. Subuk Subuk.

P.S. Good luck for the future J

C 139: Totally Anomic Pompous ASs Since He Settled In Vich (which) Ascertains & Totally Assures Valediction (Join the capital letters, or just don’t care.)

Popular nicknames: Sapat

Quotable Quotes:

Eiffel Tower.

He gave up his extremely lucrative career in Gemini Circus and embarked upon the whole IIT bandwagon. He moved to KGP for the same on 20th July, 2008. Geological reports confirm that this was the day when the earth’s center of gravity moved significantly towards west Bengal. He still makes a lot of money working for a lot of personality development classes: As an example of a bad personality.

He loves music a lot. He once said that if he’s left in a desert with an I-Pod and a charger and a power point, he’d die without a complain. That was the day when his friends like Nishad Kenkre and Akash Agarwal started to collect funds to buy him an I-Pod and a flight ticket to Sahara desert. He is really thankful to have such friends.

This guy really used to be into sports until one day, some people on the basketball court tried to throw him into the basket after not finding anything else resembling a ball. So now he is really scared of all the ball games. These days, he is really getting into sumo wrestling. Let’s see how far this goes.