Sunday, August 09, 2009

C Ground East: My Beloved BHING (Continued)

C 129 : Shrey Modi

Note: Modi smokes. He probably thinks he looks cool while smoking. Here are the pictures of (1)how he imagines himself looking when he smokes (2)What it looks like to us.

Popular Nicknames : Modi, Shasha, Chuchu, Moda

Quotable Quotes:

Ek-ek kar ke aaoge marne ya ek saath?

Jaimini! Gaad de in sabko!!!

Abey koi Cheddis chalega? (After hearing a no) Saala tu Rao nahin hai yaar!!!

(Note: Just read the previous articles before writing this one and came to remember that I didn't bash Avi as much as others. Now I am a staunch believer in equality. So Avi, sorry dude. Once again)

Meet Shrey Modi. The dude with John Abraham's attitude in Rajpal Yadav's body. He takes inspiration from the world around him, as a result of which he now has a dog's sleep, a donkey's stamina, an owl's nocturnal habits, a rat's alcoholic tolerance (He once got totally smashed after drinking just one beer, fell down from his bed and broke a front tooth - true story) and of course mayank bhagat's appetite. Though these virtues that he has taken up from all these animals (pun intended) have screwed up his life in a very very horrible way, they have also made him the dream employee of all the IT companies. Hence, he manages to find cool things to do, like he did last placement season ;P (buzz me for the inside story).

And though he claims that he will be getting an 8-digit figure when he marries a gal (bikaau saala), I am pretty sure we are gonna face a lot of problems in fixing this pseudo-gult's marriage with another such girl. What kinda problems, you ask? Imagine the famous scene from Sholay, in which Amitabh Bachchan goes to Mausiji to talk about the "rishta". (To watch the scene, click here. Will help you when you compare dialogues). Suppose, one fine day, Modi manages to see beyond his lab and that prof from the Indu Department, and actually likes a gal; and asks any one of the guys (Avi automatically excluded) from ColGatE (Tiwari also excluded, he ain't in ColGatE anymore, courtesy powerpuff girls), then how'd that go? Here is a weirdo's (read : my) impression. (Bouquets and brickbats for the telugu part to be directed to Sudha)

Mausi: Ala unnavu? (How are you?) (I'd just have written "Ent ra" otherwise)

ColGatEian: Bagun nanu. (I am fine)

Mausi: Ab itna to poochhna hi padega ki ladke ka khaandan kya hai? Uske lachchhan kaise hain? Kamaata kitna hai?

ColGatEian: Ab Kamaane ka to ye hai mausi, ki ek baar biwi-bachchon ki zimmedari sir pe aa gayi, to raat raat bhar apne professor ke lab mein rehne ki jagah kisi job ke liye hi apply kar dega.

Mausi: To kya kuchh bhi nahin kamaata?

ColGatEian: Nahin nahin mausi... aisa maine kab kaha. Magar ab roz roz jo prof. isko raat bhar department mein rok leta hai, wo roz project ke paise nahin deta na!

Mausi: Hain? To Professor ka bhi angle hai kya?

ColGatEian: Nahin nahin, magar ek baar jab sutta pila diya na prof ne, to phir raat-din ka kahan hosh rehta hai? Sutta Pila ke rok diya prof ne. Ab isme bechare Modi ki kya galti?

Mausi: Waah beta! Suttebaaz wo, raat ko prof ke saath rukta hai wo, magar galti uski koi nahin?

ColGatEian: Ab mausiji, aisa hai, ki prof to banda hai. Uska tension lene ki zaroorat nahin aapko. Rahi baat bandiyon ki, to shaadi hote hi Avi Jain ke paas jaana band. Bas phir sutta vagairah to yunhi chhoot jayega.

Mausi: Haaye Ram! To ab yahi kami bachi thi? Avi Jain ke paas bhi jaata hai?

ColGatEian: Ab mausiji Avi Jain ke paas to poora ColGatE jaata hai chori-chhupe. Shrey ki galti nahin isme. To main rishta pakka samjhoon?

Mausi: Ledu! No! Never! Now before I throw a bowl of sambhar on you, go away! PO! POOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

ColGatEian: Alright. I am leaving.

Mausi: Ruko.
Jaate jaate Avi Jain ka number aur address dete jaao
(Digression on purpose? You bet!)

Waise frankly speaking, he is sorely missed by all of us. Helping, caring, jovial, the life (and sometimes the death) of all the parties, and most importantly the owner of the wing's only printer; Modi represented the spirit of this Wing. And now with him gone, this wing is never gonna be the same. Even for those of us who are left here. So here is wishing him a life quite opposite to most of what I have written in this blog. Amen!

P.S. 14 over, 3 to go!