Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This post was supposed to be the first one on my blog. But I thought nobody would be interested to read, and hence I posted a crappy poem instead. Surprisingly, even that was appreciated by many people, the reason probably being that they didn't understand the first half and didn't dare to read the second. But like many other times, my dear friend Nishad (who happens to be a stud) has inspired me to do what I otherwise won't. Heck, this is my blog and I'd publish whatever I want to! So this is it guys. This is my tribute to the guys who are my
pillars of support (you've gotta be very strong to be one for me) in KGP. Get to know these guys, they are really great people.

Here is my CORE Group - comprising myself, akash, bond and nishad. We spend most of our time together and there are reasons aplenty for that. Here i go

1. AKASH AGARWAL (alias Halu)

He is the perfect computer freak, stuck in the right place ( IIT) but in the wrong department( metallurgy). Here's one guy who'd be perfectly happy to spend all his waking hours (if any) in front of the computer. I think all he sees in his wet dreams are microprocessors, and his worst nightmare is a system crash. The problem is, this guy knows everything. EVERYTHING!!!
He is a selfless guy. Bond and I have converted his room into a dharamshaala and his computer into a public access terminal, but still he gets worried when Bond doesn't sleep for a night or two, or when I have to sleep on the floor. He's never awake, he either sleeps or hallucinates. Sometimes he gets angry unnecessarily and becomes uncontrollable. But that rarely happens, thanks to his auto-halu mode (what? he's the inventor!). Our friendship had started in an NSS camp held in the middle of nowhere over a plate of hot rasgullas, and we guys (specially I) suffered a lot due to that camp, but I am still thankful that it was held. It gave me a friend for life.

2.KARTIK PRABHU (alias Kat, Bond, Prabhu, Phaedrus, God)

Once, God (the original one) looked down from up above and saw a place
called IIT Kharagpur. Here he saw guys (and only guys, girls are scarce and negligible) living in perfect harmony, which arose out of the knowledge that none were superior or inferior. All were certified intelligent. For once, God decided to do some mischief. So he created a person with a brain and skill-set equivalent to eight normal human beings, and sent him to IIT kharagpur with a name aptly suited (Prabhu). Since then, people have been lookin at him and thinking of drowning themselves in chullu bhar paani. So, he is super intelligent, very sharp, a quick learner, a good sketcher, a great dancer, and only he knows what all he can do. I personally feel that the only thing he doesn't do is playing golf, though if he is provided a read-and-learn golf manual for an hour or so, he can beat Tiger Woods. And I really don't know why he has chosen a dumb, good-for-nothing guy like me to be his friend, but I am all the more grateful for that.
Hey, and one more thing- he's a member of the United Atheist league, the United Atheist Alliance and the Allied Atheist Alliance too. And you can talk to him about anything, and expect a cool advice- that's KAT for me. Ah! If only he wasn't such a pighead!!! Ok, enough about prabhu. I have to write about others too. Just meet him- he's got more.

3. NISHAD KENKRE (alias Kenkre, Nish, Stud, Bachcha)

Here is a guy with superb time-management abilities. He seems to be having around 36 hours in a day. How else can u explain his active participation in so many activities? He's a Kshitij ( our techno-management festival) core team member,an athlete with a body to die for, a great singer, a good writer, a confident debater, a quintessential rapper, qualified JEE at the age of 16 with AIR 623, scores grades with an ease that should be banned... and the list goes on. But he is every bit the simple guy whom everybody likes and loves to be around. He is the one who gives me solace whenever I'm afraid of something. He's got amazing confidence, and he infuses some of it into the being of the ones around him too!!! Whether it be OP, or debate, or ETMS auditions, he has always stood by my side.
When we both first met, neither of us could have thought that we would become such great friends in such a short span of time. But that's what has happened. The 4 of us (me, Akash, Kat and him) spend most of our time together, and I seriously could not ask for a better group!

4. TAPAS SHRIVASTAVA ( alias SAPAT) ( Nishad's view on Tapas)

This is a heartfelt tribute to my dear friend Tapas, the 4th member of this group. He is the owner of this blog and i actually had to force this guy to let me write something on him in his own blog. Here i go in full-fledged filmi isshtyle (geeta pe haath rakh ke kasam and all...)

Tapas is by far the simplest person i have ever met. I have told this to him a hunderd times before, and for the 101st time, lemme say that at first sight he came across to me as very arrogant. But knowing him today, i feel like kicking myself in the ass. He is just the opposite of arrogance.Externally, he has this "shareef guy from a good khandaan" look. When you delve deep inside you will find that he has this uncanny ability to crack jokes on himself. The ease with which he criticizes his own body weight makes me think "how the hell can this guy do it so easily ?". He effortlessly accepts his weaknesses and you won't get to hear one word of self-praise from him. He really respects his family and friends.From him i have learnt that loving your friends is one thing and respecting them is another and he is a master at doing the latter .A hardcore family-guy, he makes me jealous for being this "top-class marriage material".This guy is also the most creative person i have come across.To begin with, he's an awesome singer ( whatever little musical skills i have , all credit to this guy for having inspired me). His writing skills are unparalleled. His write-ups often leave me rolling on the floor with laughter. His poems have the deepest of meanings and he comes up with the most beautiful and touching poetic lines in what seems like nanaoseconds. He cannot hurt anyone even if he tries to. He is your normal IITian who hates books, but when it comes to things that he loves doing, i can say without the least bit of exaggeration that no one can come close to working as hard as he does. He is the "baap" of networking and has the maximum number of friends that a person can possibly have. Finally, he holds our group ( me, bond, akash and himself) together... man i can go on and on ...but to draw to a close, lemme say tht Tapas is a person with a heart of gold and i wouldnt be half the person that i am without him as my friend. Thank you dost.

My dear friend - I Live For Thee

1. Himanshu Dhiman (Dhiman, Bhopali Jaat)

He is a simpleton- an innocent guy with a golden heart and a very childish nature. He confides in me every time he has something happening in life- whether it is good or bad. I dunno why, but I can understand whatever he is thinking just by loking at his face- that might be the depth of our friendship.

He enjoys the simple things in life- threw a party for getting selected in TDS (sigh!). And hence he manages to remain happy all the time. Here is one guy who very sweetly says TATA! when you are about to depart. And he looks after me. I have the feeling that as long as he is with me, I have nothing to worry about.

2. Apurva Gupta (Cake)

No, he's not a girl, contrary to whatever the spelling of the name suggests. He is actually Apurv. And from the very day of our meeting, he has amused me with his obsession for shiny things and posters. Not a single inch of his room used to be uncovered- he has posters all around.

He is also a talented guy. Robotix sub head, great singer, highly creative, and excels in anything that involves standing on the stage and speaking. He has no stage-fright at all. He is a blunt critic when he thinks you have done something that u could do better. But he always is ready to help u out in every way he can. He laughed and endured me even when me and Ramu were literally not allowing him access to his own computer. He is such a lovely friend to have... and I am really happy that he screwed his JEE... that's why he is a dual degree student. :) Ais Tais...

3. Prateek Varshney (PV, and all the expansions which have P for perverted)

We share the same birthdate, but you'd rarely find twp friends more different than us. He is a very simple person, much like a child who is clueless as to what to do. But he is a lovely person from the inside despite of whatever he does or talks (cant mention it in this space, I wanna keep my blog clean). And he'll assist you in whatever crazy thing you'd ever want to do(who knows it better than me?). But I'd love to be with him and be a part of his weirdness forever. YO PERVO VIRUS!!!

4. Vaibhav Sinha (Pappu, Pups, Tattu, Tats,.... ok enough!)

Pappu is a guy with a supppperb sense of humour. Very seldom will you get to see him talk something that doesn't bring a smile on your face. He is a very nice guy for company whenever you are goin out to eat something, specially chicken. He is a lovely friend whom I've grown close to in this semester. I won't write much... just one thing to conclude- PAPPU I LOVE YOU!!! (and I am straight!!!)

5.Rohan Singh (Ramu Kaka)

MAD MAN! Very high on CQ- this guy can make you tear your hair till you get bald. In first year, ramu, cake and I had a ball of a time, which I can never forget. Baaki iski ek photo dekhiye, sab samajh jaayenge.

6. Abhas Saroha (The kinky school boy)

Had his education in a boys school. Rest is for you to guess...

He is another God of the physics department- with a besetting obsession for anime. The Mr.Know-it-all of linux. Great fun to be with. Baaki pata chalne pe bataaoonga...