Monday, October 25, 2010

No Compunction

One of the several brainstorming, revolutionary, groundbreaking (as always), and not to mention, incredibly sad conversations that yours truly and the guy who typed this have shared... This one took place on an idiotic Monday night.

My Status on Google read off from the lyrics of some song, which went as follows: “Jeena meraaaa... mushkil hai yaar tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina; Marna mera, mushkil hai yaar tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, te-re binaaa, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere bina, tere binaaa…”

Needless to say, such a thing needs its own blog-discussion.

TGWTT: The guy needs to learn that alliteration is not good in excess and it is more than alliteration, it is repetition

TNNNG: alliteration leads to altercation

TGWTT: though it started with defecation

TNNNG: it ends with defamation

TNNNG: I just prefer to express my expostulation in fact, it's almost an obligation

TGWTT: I get it, and your services need some appreciation

TNNNG: I just hope this would forestall the trend's proliferation

TGWTT: oh, no... not unless we resort to prohibition

TNNNG: but all you guys are busy with procrastination

TGWTT: us? We’re not responsible for such mental infarctions!

TNNNG: you could at least stand up against this humiliation

TNNNG: here I bear the onus of this task even while I’m under probation

TGWTT: I know, I know it wasn't your decision and pretty much against your volition

TNNNG: but now my brain cells are on the verge of decrepitation

TGWTT: better that than rhyming in desperation

TNNNG: but what do I do about my exasperation

TGWTT: hmm, ignoring the lyrics seems to be the best action

TNNNG: definitely the best way to fend off frustration

Though I’d like to keep up my act of remonstration

TGWTT: I agree, there seems to be a sense of retribution

TNNNG: waise we haven't lost our touch, this was a good demonstration

TGWTT: oh yes, we've still got the imagination

TNNNG: now if only you'd join hands against the perpetration

TGWTT: even if our vocabulary is unaffected by our vocation

Oh, I wish I could, and I’d gladly share the incrimination

TNNNG: you can do whatever I can, there certainly ain't no discrimination

TGWTT: but in terms of lyrics, compared to you, I know a meagre fraction

TNNNG: I can handle their department; your company will just amplify my jubilation

TGWTT: so, all you ask for is my participation?

TNNNG: yeah, this activity needs revivification and the practice needs condemnation

TGWTT: so, I am handling which section? Yeah, we need to cause some more irritation

TNNNG: we will divide the roles in the next session

TGWTT: sounds like we're headed towards social abolition

TNNNG: it's either that or eternal damnation

TGWTT: I’d be fine with the former; the latter is a scary notion

TNNNG: that certainly is no prevarication

TGWTT: yea, we can always live up to our reputation.

TNNNG: Now let’s end the discussion and resort to more normal modes of conversation_____ howdy? :P


genie said...

dudes ....Over-prepared verbal :P

Anonymous said...

bhai tionify kar diye!

Ranjitha said...

Hey bhagwaan!